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sage.graphs.graph import error

Running sage on a file with only the following line:

from sage.graphs.graph import Graph

Results in the following ImportError

sage Traceback (most recent call last):\

File "", line 1, in <module>

from sage.graphs.graph import Graph

File "/usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/sage/graphs/", line 416, in <module>

from sage.rings.polynomial.polynomial_ring_constructor import PolynomialRing

File "/usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/sage/rings/polynomial/", line 2, in <module>

import sage.rings.convert.mpfi

File "sage/rings/integer.pxd", line 7, in init sage.rings.convert.mpfi (build/cythonized/sage/rings/convert/mpfi.c:9642)

File "sage/rings/rational.pxd", line 8, in init sage.rings.integer (build/cythonized/sage/rings/integer.c:53129)

File "sage/rings/rational.pyx", line 95, in init sage.rings.rational (build/cythonized/sage/rings/rational.c:39892)

File "sage/rings/real_mpfr.pyx", line 1, in init sage.rings.real_mpfr (build/cythonized/sage/rings/real_mpfr.c:44245)

File "sage/rings/complex_number.pxd", line 6, in init sage.libs.mpmath.utils (build/cythonized/sage/libs/mpmath /utils.c:8639)

File "sage/rings/complex_double.pxd", line 7, in init sage.rings.complex_number (build/cythonized/sage/rings /complex_number.c:24023)

File "sage/rings/complex_double.pyx", line 96, in init sage.rings.complex_double (build/cythonized/sage/rings/complex_double.c:24202)

ImportError: cannot import name complex_number

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help in advance