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Solving Quartic Equation with a Coefficient of $1$ MB Space

I have an equation of $4$ degree (Quartic equation)and a coefficient of this equation takes $1$ megabyte space in a text file. I want to solve this Quartic equation using computer. If the the equation has rational solution, I want to get rational solution with the exact numerator and the exact denominator (not the approximation). Is it possible?

There are are programming languages (e.g. MAGMA), computer algebra systems (e.g. PARI/GP, SageMath etc, here PARI is C library, can be called from a high-level language application ,for instance, written in C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, Perl, or Python).

If possible, then which programming language or computer algebra systems or library or softaware will be best to solve the Quartic equation as described above? What are the additional issues (configurations of RAM, Processor)?