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Interact in Jupyterlab vs Jupyter

Hello, Sage community!

I find Jupyterlab to be more comfortable than Jupyter, so I installed it with

sage -pip install jupyterlab

and I execute it with

sage -n jupyterlab

Everything work well, except when I try to execute an interact, in which case, no sliders, no selection boxes, etc. appear. However, if I use Jupyter with

sage -n jupyter

the interact works well.

Here is a minimal working example:

def const(k = slider(-5,5,0.1,1,label='Constant')):

In this particular case, I obtain in Jupyterlab just 1.00000000000000 without any controls, nor the possibility to change the value of k.

Can somebody explain why it is not possible to use interacts in Jupyterlab while it is possible in Jupyter?