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Error when using non ASCII characters as symbolic function name

Since the adoption of Python 3, non ASCII characters can be used as identifiers in SageMath. So this is valid:

sage: π = pi
sage: def α(x):
....:     return cos(π*x)
sage: β = lambda x: x^3
sage: print(α(3)+β(3))

Such characters can be also used as symbolic variable names:

sage: δ = var("δ")
sage: expand((1+δ)^2)
δ^2 + 2*δ + 1

... or even as symbolic functions:

sage: μ = (x^2).function(x)
sage: μ
x |--> x^2
sage: μ(3)

However, if one tries to define the above symbolic function as usual, one gets an error:

sage: μ(x) = x^2
  File "<ipython-input-20-93337e923470>", line 1
    μ(x) = x**Integer(2)
SyntaxError: can't assign to function call

I think that this is a bug, isn't it?