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Fill intersection of multiple ellipses

I'm plotting multiple ellipses via the ellipse() function. I want to only fill the area where they all overlap. I see there are many options for plotting and filling. However, all the examples I've seen refer to other types of plots that would not be compatible with ellipses. Is there a way to automatically fill the overlapping area of multiple ellipses without pre-calculating this area?

For example, two of the ellipse functions would be:

4.31814496201205*x^2 + 0.442360403122904*x*y + 0.0424448964961035*y^2 - 0.170411375833593*x - 0.0205526646997484*y - 2.4358560850288997
ellipse((0.01, 0.19), 8.86, 0.75, 92.96*pi/180)

7.81630506700337*x^2 - 47.0795923749769*x*y + 72.3295112191380*y^2 + 8.78879644990554*x - 27.0144183395227*y + 0.1289109700897777
ellipse((0.01, 0.19), 4.13, 0.17, 18.06*pi/180)