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Legend_fonts in list of plots

Hello there,

I want to make an array of plots, and I need the font size for the legends to be reduced. I tried the code below and some variants.I really don't see what is wrng, when I try the ().set_legend_options(font_size = 8) on a single curve, everything works fine. I tried doing this while running through a list, but did not work.

C=[2.5, 1.7, 1, 0.7, 0.5, 0.2, 0, -0.2, -0.5, -0.8, -1, -2] # The values for c
Curves = [polar_plot(1+c*sin(t),0,t,2*pi, 
                     legend_label = '%s'%c.n(digits=2)).set_legend_options(font_size = 8) for c in C]
Array = graphics_array(((Curves[0],Curves[2], Curves[2], Curves[3]),
                     (Curves[4],Curves[5], Curves[6], Curves[7]),
                     (Curves[8],Curves[9], Curves[10], Curves[11])))  = 9)

Thanks in advance!