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<symbolic matrix="">.simplify_rational() accepts no keywords?

I have a symbolic matrix whose entries I would like to simplify for display. Minimal working example (in the sage REPL):

a,b=var('a,b'); m=matrix(SR,2,[[(a*b-a)/a,0],[0,1]]).simplify_rational()

works fine and upon calling m produces

[b - 1 0] [ 0 1]

as expected. On the other hand, running

a,b=var('a,b'); m=matrix(SR,2,[[(a*b-a)/a,0],[0,1]]).simplify_rational(algorithm='simple')

as per the documentation produces

TypeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-30-3edf7642200d> in <module>() ----> 1 a,b=var('a,b'); m=matrix(SR,Integer(2),[[(a*b-a)/a,Integer(0)],[Integer(0),Integer(1)]]).simplify_rational(algorithm='simple')

TypeError: simplify_rational() takes no keyword argument

If I apply the method to a single expression it works fine:

((a*b-a)/a).simplify_rational(algorithm='simple') gives back b-1.