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I'm having trouble plotting this population differential equation with five particular solutions all on the same graph. Please help.

x,t = var('x,t') plot1 = plot_slope_field(5x-.3x^2-0t,(t,0,10),(x,0,20),headaxislength=3,headlength=3,axes_labels=['$Time$','$Fish Pop.$'],title="No Harvesting",fontsize=13) x = function('x')(t) soln = lambda c:desolve_rk4(diff(x,t)==5x-.3x^2-0t,x,ics=[0,c],end_points=[0,10],ivar=t,step=0.1) plot2 = lambda c:list_plot(soln(c),plotjoined=True,axes_labels=['$Time$','$Fish Pop.$'],thickness=2) show(plot1+plot2(12),ymin=0,ymax=20)

Referencing the last line of code, I wish to input .1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 all at the same time.