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Generate >2D Matrix

I am trying to find a concise way to store data in a single variable for easy computational referencing. This data is basically an n-length vector of 2x2 matrices. I would like to be able to do linear algebra on the 2x2 matrices, but each of the n elements are handled separately. Is there an easy way to do this?

Basically, this would be the equivalent of a nx2x2 array in Numpy. The reason I want to use Sage instead of Numpy, is because there is a lot of linear algebra, including some symbolic, that needs to be performed. Numpy and Sympy are too slow for this. I've been able to do these computations in Maxima with an acceptable speed. For ease of interfacing with my Python script, I would like to just use Sage. This would also make things much easier if I do still need to push some of the computation to Maxima.