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Problem importing Sage library in Python script on Windows

I have a script that is fully operational which uses Sage as a python library in my python script. It runs completely normal on MacOS. However, when I tried to transfer this to work, where we are on Windows, I cannot load Sage in my python script. I get a ModuleNotFoundError.

Some background on this. My MacOS setup was generated via miniconda, including the conda package install of sage. Really, I'm only using Sage for a nice python friendly interface to Maxima, where I can do some very complex symbolic matrix computations very quickly.

On Windows, I was using MSYS2. However, after reading that Sage does not support this whatsoever, I installed Cygwin. Everything, except Sage, is running fine on Cygwin. I installed Sage via the Windows installer.

What do I need to do with the installation to get my python script to find Sage?

As an aside, is there a reason why there is no conda package for Sage on Windows, only Linux and MacOS? Trying to install Sage on Windows has been an all day, 2 day nightmare, and it is still not working. The Windows installer works fine if you just want to use Sage completely standalone. But it seems completely incompatible for integration with other languages/tools. I even tried to self compile. It took ~5-6 hours, then I got an error that one of the packages, bleach, failed. When I looked at the log for that, it seems like there was a connection issue and the source could not be downloaded. This all seems like complete overkill for using Sage in a python script.