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Problem with optimization and the minimize_constrained function

Hello everyone. Im currently working on a project of mine with sagemath. Basiaclly what im trying to optimize is a non-linear function under some constraints.

My function to maximize is:

N(x,y) = ((10- 2x + y)/(1.25 + y)) * ((20 - 2x + y)/(1.25 + y))

where the constants in this function are user inputs and x,y the variables to optimize under the following constraints:

(y - 0.003) + 2 * (x - 0.03) < 1.25,

x > 0,

y > 0

I tried defining the constraints as c1 to c3 and inputting them like this: minimize_constrained(N_cells, [c_1,c_2,c_3],[0,0]) But unfortunately it gives me a Not Implemented Error and im stuck.