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Interactive plots

Dear all,

I am new to Python and sagemath as well, I am however a skilled coder in other languages such as C/C++, Matlab, etc.

I work in a university and we think about switching from matlab to python, and I have found in sagemath a very intersting use of python for scientific computing. I explore the possibilities of python for that purpose. Something that misses in the tries I made is the mouse interactivity with plots (such as zoom for 2d plot or rotation for 3d plot). I used basic Matplotlib. I have read that it is possible with python itself and what limits mouse interactivity seems to come from the web-page orientation of jupyter. I have seen somewhere that in Jupyter, the following : %matplotlib notebook may enable the interactivity. However it does not seem to work in Sagemath.

So I have questions : I want to have interactivity. Is it possible with Matplotlib in Sagemath or is planed for a future version ? Else : may I use another library than Matplotlib, and which one may I use ? My typical needs are large amount of points plotting (experimental data), and 3d plotting.

Best regards, Mike