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Standard use of underscores in numerals

Hello, Sage Community!

Since Python (and pretty soon Sage) supports underscores in numbers, like in 11_000_000, as an alternative to 11000000, I was wondering if Sage or Python have any requirement or standard style for their use.

Let me explain, in English, the 11000000 is written 11,000,000, so i could write it as 11_000_000 in Sage. However, in Spanish, we use a small space after every thee-digit group, except if the number is four digits long. Also, the integer and the decimal parts are treated separatedly. For example:

  • 4,321 is written as 4321, because it only has four digits, so I should write 4321 in Sage.
  • 54,321 is written as 54 321 (with a small space between 4 and 3), so I should write 54_321 in Sage.
  • 21, 1234 is written as 21,123 (because the integer part has only two digits, and the decimal part has only four), so I should write 21.1234 in Sage.

However, if I were to work with an international team of people, I suppose there should be some standard, because some will write 4_321 and 21.123_4, while I will write 4321 and 21.1234.

Is there any standard for using underscores in Sage numerals?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

32.12345 is written as