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import error on debian

I get this error

 sage ~/src/brot.sage
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/andreas/src/", line 3, in <module>
    from sage.all_cmdline import *   # import sage library
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/", line 26, in <module>
    from sage.all import *
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/", line 102, in <module>
    from sage.modular.all    import *
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/", line 4, in <module>
    from .quatalg.all import *
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/quatalg/", line 4, in <module>
    from . import all
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/quatalg/", line 3, in <module>
    from .brandt import BrandtModule
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/quatalg/", line 206, in <module>
    from sage.modular.hecke.all import (AmbientHeckeModule, HeckeSubmodule, HeckeModuleElement)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/hecke/", line 20, in <module>
    from .ambient_module import AmbientHeckeModule, is_AmbientHeckeModule
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/hecke/", line 38, in <module>
    from sage.modular.arithgroup.all import Gamma0 # for Sturm bound
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/arithgroup/", line 4, in <module>
    from . import all
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/arithgroup/", line 6, in <module>
    from .congroup_generic import is_CongruenceSubgroup, CongruenceSubgroup_constructor as CongruenceSubgroup
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/modular/arithgroup/", line 28, in <module>
    from sage.groups.matrix_gps.all import MatrixGroup
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/groups/matrix_gps/", line 13, in <module>
    import sage.groups.matrix_gps.pickling_overrides
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/groups/matrix_gps/", line 7, in <module>
    from sage.groups.matrix_gps.finitely_generated import FinitelyGeneratedMatrixGroup_gap
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/groups/matrix_gps/", line 81, in <module>
    from sage.groups.matrix_gps.matrix_group import (
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/groups/matrix_gps/", line 61, in <module>
    from sage.groups.libgap_wrapper import ParentLibGAP
  File "sage/libs/gap/element.pxd", line 32, in init sage.groups.libgap_wrapper (build/cythonized/sage/groups/libgap_wrapper.c:9846)
ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sage/libs/gap/ undefined symbol: _GAP_SetEnterStackCount

with this file: cat brot.sage

R, W, R_S, H, H_S, S = var('R W R_S H H_S S')

equations = [ S                 == R_S + H_S,
              R_S               == H_S,
              (R + R_S + W)     == 3 * R_S,
              0.8*(W+R+R_S)     == H + H_S,
              W/(W+R+R_S)       == 0.6,
              R + W+ S +H       == 0.85]

print solve(equations,[R, W, R_S, H, H_S,S ], algorithm="sympy", solution_dict=False)

sage --version
SageMath version 8.6, Release Date: 2019-01-15

I would like to calculate my bread receipt... what is the issue here? This used to work before.