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jmol stuck at "Initializing 3D display"

I have a freshly compiled version of sage 8.9.rc0. jmol used to work fine until I got it stuck at "Initializing 3D display"

sage: h = polytopes.regular_polygon(6)
sage: w = h.wedge(h.facets()[0])
sage: w.plot()
Launched jmol viewer for Graphics3d Object

The pop out window opens and then is stuck for eternity. This is annoying. I know that I could use a different viewer like threejs but it does not open a window in my browser (which is another unrelated issue). So I would really like jmol to just work as I expect it to...

(I also upgraded my debian from stretch to buster, but I do not think it is the problem since jmol starts fine outside of sage)

How to fix this?