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RISE in Jupyter

Hello to eveyone,

I wnated to install and use RISE to make Jupyter presentations from Sagemath, but something went wrong. I did it once, and it works with one laptop, but when trying to do the same with anoter (freshly installed Ubuntu 18.04), I ran in trouble.

I compiled sage-8.8 from the source.

I got the instructions to install RISE from here,(changing to lower case does not affect the result) and also here.

  • When i ltry to execute ~.../sage-8.8$ ./sage -pip install RISE I get an error that begins with :

pip is configured with locations that require TLS/SSL, however the ssl module in Python is not available....

  • On the other hand I followed these instructions (option 2) to add sage as a command. Then when I do

sage -pip install RISE

from a terminal (in arbitray directory), I get

sage-run received unknown option: -pip

usage: sage [options]

Try 'sage -h' for more information

Note however that sage -n jupyter launches Jupyter correctly.