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Win 10 install issues

Followed installation instructions and came up with three icons on desktop. One labeled SageMath8.8, 2nd labeled SageMath8.8 Shell, and 3rd labeled SageMath8.8 Notebook. Actually there is a 4th that just links to these three. Each of the three icons links to a site that looks like a big blank blackboard. One has some text with about exiting. What is the difference?

How do I use them to use the TUTORIAL? The tutorial says to click help, but none of them have a help button.

I think you need better introductory material for the newby trying to get into Sage without a guide. You have a lot of stuff but it is all over the place and very confusing. I've been working on this for about three hours a day for almost a week and I haven't gotten very far.