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How to increase ECL/maxima memory limits in SageMath?

I am looking for a symbolic solution of a linear system 10x10. The coefficients and the right-hand sides are symbolic expressions, and it is critical for my. After one hour run with ~5 GB memory consumption I get an error message: "TypeError: ECL says: Memory limit reached. Please jump to an outer pointer, quit program and enlarge the memory limits before executing the program again." My Windows-10 PC has 64 GB, so it is definitely not the physical memory limitation. According to my Google search results, there are deliberately tight default memory limits in the Embeddable Common Lisp (ECL), which is used in Maxima. This page "" suggests to increase the ECL heap size to 1 GB by adding a line "(ext:set-limit 'ext:heap-size (* 1024 1024 1024))" to the file "maxima/src/ecl-port.lisp". I have found this file under "C:\Program Files\SageMath 8.7\runtime\opt\sagemath-8.7\local\share\maxima\5.41.0\src" and added such line with the 8 GB limit (* 2048 2048 2048). This had absolutely no effect, the same error message appeared after the same run time. I see two such questions answered in this forum. However both answers suggest to reformulate the original problem, which is not what I need. I will appreciate an explanation of how to increase the ECL memory limits in SageMath. Is there something like ".eclrc" configuration file in SageMath? May be, I have to install Maxima standalone and try it there?