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Creating a module in Sage

I am new to Sage, being used to Python and I am having some trouble with adapting.

In particular, I am trying to create a 'module' in the Python sense, i.e. some set of classes that I can call with 'import'.

When I did this in python in the past, I would create a directory (say /my_module/ in my home) and include a file __'__init____.sage' in that file with a line

__all__ = ['Submodule1', 'Submodule2']

Then I would have a file 'Submodule1' and 'Submodule2'. In the file 'Submodule 1' I would define 'Class1'

and then from a file '' in home I would write

import my_module
from my_module.Submodule1 import Class1

and then I would be able to write


to create an object.

I find that this is not working in Sage and the only thing I seem to be able to do is write in


for each class I want to load. This has many disadvantages, for instance hiding classes from potential users so that they only exist internally.

Any suggestions on how to create and import modules in sage? What is the sage way?