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problem: sage is not able to find solution to an equation.

Hi everybody, I want to solve this non linear equation: omega_nf_eq = 0.

m,J_d,J_p,y,Y,omega,Omega,phi,Phi,z,Z,theta,Theta,k_yy,k_zz,k_phiphi,k_yphi,k_ztheta,k_thetatheta,plane_xy1,plane_xy2,plane_xz1,plane_xz2 = var('m J_d J_p y Y omega Omega phi Phi z Z theta Theta k_yy k_zz k_phiphi k_yphi k_ztheta k_thetatheta plane_xy1 plane_xy2 plane_xz1 plane_xz2') 
t = var('t')

omega_nf_eq = -J_d^2*k_yy*k_zz*omega^4 + 0.382*J_d^2*k_yy*omega^6 + 0.382*J_d^2*k_zz*omega^6 - 0.145924*J_d^2*omega^8 + J_d*k_phiphi*k_yy*k_zz*omega^2 - 0.382*J_d*k_phiphi*k_yy*omega^4 - 0.382*J_d*k_phiphi*k_zz*omega^4 + 0.145924*J_d*k_phiphi*omega^6 + J_d*k_thetatheta*k_yy*k_zz*omega^2 - 0.382*J_d*k_thetatheta*k_yy*omega^4 - 0.382*J_d*k_thetatheta*k_zz*omega^4 + 0.145924*J_d*k_thetatheta*omega^6 - J_d*k_yphi^2*k_zz*omega^2 + 0.382*J_d*k_yphi^2*omega^4 - J_d*k_yy*k_ztheta^2*omega^2 + 0.382*J_d*k_ztheta^2*omega^4 + J_p^2*Omega^2*k_yy*k_zz*omega^2 - 0.382*J_p^2*Omega^2*k_yy*omega^4 - 0.382*J_p^2*Omega^2*k_zz*omega^4 + 0.145924*J_p^2*Omega^2*omega^6 - k_phiphi*k_thetatheta*k_yy*k_zz + 0.382*k_phiphi*k_thetatheta*k_yy*omega^2 + 0.382*k_phiphi*k_thetatheta*k_zz*omega^2 - 0.145924*k_phiphi*k_thetatheta*omega^4 + k_phiphi*k_yy*k_ztheta^2 - 0.382*k_phiphi*k_ztheta^2*omega^2 + k_thetatheta*k_yphi^2*k_zz - 0.382*k_thetatheta*k_yphi^2*omega^2 - k_yphi^2*k_ztheta^2 == 0
solve(omega_nf_eq, omega)

But the Sage is unable to find the solution, damn it. I get this error message:

TypeError: ECL says: Memory limit reached. Please jump to an outer pointer, quit program and enlarge the memory limits before executing the program again.

I know the equation is big but i didn't expected such many problems. I've already tried sympy but nothing. Is there another way?