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How to grab the 'function' part of a differential form?

Basically, as the title reads, I want a differential form fdx, and I want to just get the f, and do something to it (take it's derivative) and put this f' into a new differential form. This requires me to call upon the f part of the form.
For some background, I'm trying to write some code to define the Dolbeault operator \bar{d}.
That is, I want to be able to take an exterior derivative of a differential form, but only taking the derivative with respect to conjugate variables (and of course wedging with such variables).

As far as I'm aware, sage does not have this feature built in. So I was thinking of writing the equations I'm interested in, and calling the conjugate variables different names. Then, defining my own function which would act like the Dolbeault operator, by having it grab the function part of the form, taking the derivatives with respect to just the variables corresponding to the usual ones or just the variables corresponding to the conjugates, and then wedging with the appropriate symbol.