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Chevie on Windows


I am currently trying to install SageMath and gap3 (because I am in need of the Chevie package) on my Windows 7 computer. I am using Jean Michels gap3 for this, which I found at his website. So I unpacked it to where my sage files are and tried "gap3 = Gap3(command='/usr/user/.sage/gap3-jm/bin/gap3.cmd')" , because it says on the doc.sagemath site that this will lead sage to the version of gap3 that I want to use (it says in the ReadMe that the cmd file is the one for Windows). But if I type in "gap3" in sage afterwards gap3 doesnt open and if I try something like "x=gap3(1+1)" sage just tells me, that I didn't install gap3 the right way.

I am not able to provide links because of the Karma system, but I hope that it became clear what sites I am referring to. I would be very happy if anyone could provide a fix to this.