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Symbolic sum/product of Laurent/power series

How can I do something like this?

#f = some Laurent/power series in x e.g. 
#a,b,w are symbolic such that e.g. 2*w**2 = 3
f = 1/x + w + a*x + b*x**2 + ((a+b)/w)**2*x**3 + O(x**7)
#g[i] = some power series in x derived from f, c[i], d[i], e.g.
g[i] = (x*f + c[i])/(d[i]*f + x**2)
#product of n first g[i]
#n is symbolic
G = product(g[i], i=1..n)
#extract coefficients of x in G
G.coeff(x,-1), G.coeff(x,0), G.coeff(x,1)

Thank you.