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ideal membership and solution

I gave sage the following ring and the ideal

f=1 + z + y*z + y^2*z + z^2 + y*z^2; 
g=1 + x + y^2 + z^2;
I = R.ideal(f,  g)

I found that the function h below lies in the Ideal I using

h=1 + y + z + x*z + y*z + x*y*z + y^2*z + y*z^2;
h in I

I know that in general, finding polynomials $a(x)$ and $b(x)$ such that $h = a f+ b g$ might be hard, but can I find the solutions for $a$ and $b$ to a certain degree of these polynomials, if they exist? I was wondering if sage can check this more efficiently