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in command mode plot3d not displaying - only says "Graphics3d Object"

  • I use sagemath in a virtual machine ( To get a text copy of the output, and some latex and TikZ code it is convenient for me to use a linux terminal and launching something like

    /home/osboxes/SageMath/./sage /FilesSage/GSphereShowTest.sage | tee /FilesSage/GSphereShowTestOutput.txt

    the problem is I do not have a 3dplot: the terminal only states "Graphics3d Object".

  • To simplify I tried just

    /home/osboxes/SageMath/./sage /FilesSage/GSphereShowTest.sage

    to no avail.

  • There is already a question with a similar problem (plot3d not displaying - only says "Graphics3d Object"?!) but the solution does not apply. Here there is no max min.

The same test works without any problem with a sage terminal

The test code is just:

show(G, viewer='jmol')
print 'say Hello'``

What should be done to get access to the viewer in a linux terminal?