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How do I install a GAP package in Sage?

I would like to install the package DiGraphs ( into the GAP version that is part of Sage. I just installed the latest version of Sage, Sage 8.6, on a Mac. There is a page about doing this here: but you will notice that at the top it says "Since GAP 4.10 release, in Sage 8.6 (Jan 2019), you should not use the following instructions!" Of course it offers no alternatives. The readme for the DiGraphs says that you should have the GAP packages IO and orb installed. I am not able to install the IO package, which I downloaded from here: and then put in the folder where the other GAP packages are, namely Applications/SageMath/local/share/gap/pkg/

The readme file for the IO package says to change directories to the folder containing the IO package and then run "./configure", which I have done. Next it says to run "make", but this gives me the following error:

src/io.c:14:10: fatal error: 'src/compiled.h' file not found

#include "src/compiled.h" /* GAP headers */

Can anyone help me with this? I have had the DiGraphs package installed within GAP inside of Sage previously, but I recently got a new computer and had to reinstall everything, and it seems certain things have changed with the new version of Sage.