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How to increase numer of internal decimal places on axis?

When ploting graphs with a small y-range it can happen that the whole y-axis shows the same number at the ticks. see attached pic.

how can i increase the number of decimal places?

the plot command i use is

plot([f, f_lower, f_upper],(x,0.2,0.99), color=['blue', 'red', 'green'], legend_label=['Wert ohne Fehler',  'untere Fehlerschranke', 'obere Fehlerschranke'], axes_labels=['Tiefe in Z-Richtung in m','$\\frac{4 \\, \\pi {{\\varphi_{ges}}}}{U}$'], figsize=8, title='all values have errors. but this is without seawater, just sediment', title_pos=(0.5,1.1)).save('JustSediment.png')

but i suppose i will just need to add a clever option (which i was unable to locate in this forum or the documentation).