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How to create a coercion on hyperbolic models?

I want to put some text on my plots of the poincare disc model. I tried to do something like that,

word = text('my word',(real_part(P),imag_part(P)), color='black')

and gives me the following error,

TypeError: cannot coerce arguments: no canonical coercion from
Hyperbolic plane in the Poincare Disk Model to Symbolic Ring

Furthermore, this only works if my complex number P comes from the ring of complex numbers, not for a hyperbolic point. I need to configure some coercion. As substracting imaginary and real parts of a number in the poincare disk model. get_point method only work in one direction.

I am generating list of points like this.

Point in PD 0.150615998712507 - 0.101793686778004*I

and I want to add text in that coordinates, but I cannot find a way to coerce and get for example the complex number 0.1506 - 0.1017*I (even such exaggerate approximation will work in a plot)

Surely I am missing a method. Can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance