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How to configure jupyter for Sage-specific use?

I am an absolute beginner in using jupyter-notebooks. Since SageMath version 8.5 the user is asked to be prepared for using jupyter as the standard notebook in the future. So, in Linux I activate jupyter with ./ sage -n jupyter and do some experiments. In this way, obviously, SageMath activates an internal jupyter package via an internal notebook-interface (and not via an external jupyter installation e.g. in anaconda). I tried also to edit python code within a jupyter cell. I got some unexpected errors, so editing code in jupyter cells seems to be problematic. Also, I want to figure out, why editing python code within a jupyter cell changes the color marks of some 'if' statements to red? Sometimes, after re-opening a closed jupyter session appears as plain text only, i.e., without cells.

My simple question is therefore: Is there any documentation available for the sage-specific use of jupyter (e.g., meaning of color code for the elements of the python language, extra necessary import of additional sage objects for jupyter, configuration of jupyter, etc)?.