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Finding the Groebner Basis of the following Ring. Is it possible? How could I make it work with multivariate polynomials?

Hey guys,

I am trying to compute the groebner basis of a polynomial system that looks like this:

e = 48;
F.<r> = GF(2)[];

for p in F.polynomials(e):
    if p.is_irreducible():

R.<x> = PolynomialRing(GF(2),name="x").quotient(p)

I = Ideal([R.random_element(),R.random_element(),R.random_element(),R.random_element(),R.random_element(),R.random_element()])
print I.groebner_basis()

However I get an error: 'Ideal_pid' object has no attribute 'groebner_basis'

I am new to Sagemath so sorry if I misunderstand something. Also, how can I possibly make R to become a multivariate system by following the same structure, using an irreducible polynomial from GF(2) as presented in this code.

Thanks guys :)