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solution of a system of equations in algebraic closure of GF2

How do I look for solutions of a system of equations in a particular field? For example, the following set of equations in variables ${a,b,c,d,e,f}$ $1 + a + c + e = 0, b + d + f = 0, 1 + a e + c e + a c = 0, b e + a f + c f + e d + b c + a d = 0, b f + f d + b d = 0$ have the solution $a=1,b=1,c=1,d=\omega,e=1,f=\omega^2$ where $\omega$ is the $3^{rd}$ root of unity. This lies in an extension of $\mathbb{GF}_2$, $\mathbb{GF}_4= \frac{\mathbb{GF}_2[u]}{u^2+u+1}$ where $\mathbb{GF}_2[u]$ is a polynomial ring with variable $u$ and one representation of $\mathbb{GF}_4$ is ${0,1,\omega,\omega^2}$.

I have a set of equations and I want to know whether there exist solutions of these equations in an extension of Galois field $\mathbb{GF}_2$ and what are they? Is there a way to check this in Sage?