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Trouble finding intersection of two functions

Hi all,

I'm still pretty new using SageMath, but I'm trying to duplicate functionality that I've been able to do in wolfram alpha

Wolfram Input:

Intersection points of [//math:90000 1.03^x//] and [//math:63000 1.095^x//]

So far I've been able to recreate and graph these functions very easily using SageMath, but I'm having a difficult time using the solve function to actually return a numerical value for the intersection point itself.

My SageMath code looks like:

x = var('x') 
f1 = (63000*((1.095)^x))
f2 = (90000*((1.03)^x))
print ans 
print n(ans[0].rhs())

ans prints as "[ 219^x == 1/35200^(x - 1)103^x*100^(-x + 2) ]"

And I get an error "TypeError: cannot evaluate symbolic expression numerically" in my attempts to resolve it to an approximate number.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?