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Why are my plots printing out of order?

Here is my code:

def lam(n):
    m = 1
    while (n+1 - m >= 0):
        m = 2*m
    return m/2

def inter(n,l):
    return [(n+1-l)/l, (n+2 - l)/l]

def f(a,b,x):
    if x>=a and x<=b:
        return 1
        return 0

for n in range(1,15):
    I = inter(n,lam(n))
    lst = []
    for i in range(101):
        lst.append([i/100, f(I[0],I[1],i/100)])

I know that the plots are printing correctly, they are just out of order for some reason. Any ideas?

Also, I know this is a terrible way to plot this. I wanted to use:


but that doesn't seem to be working (it just gives me the zero function), so if you have any suggestions for that as well, that would be great. Thank you.