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File -> Download as LaTeX

I'm using SageMath 8.2 on a Windows 10 Native with Jupyter Notebook.

The output file obtained by File -> Download as Latex is appalling!

All the output and input cells are placed in verbatim Latex constructs which prevents the usage of all the facilities provided by Latex. I understand why the input cells are in verbatim Latex constructs, after all you want to see exactly what the user wrote, but output cell should not be in verbatim Latex constructs.

The Greek characters are not used at all, even when variables have been defined including their Greek character.

All kind of arrows are printed |--> instead of taking advantage of the many arrows in Latex.

Long lines are just cut when the border is reached.

Exponentials are not shown properly, they appear with the ^ symbol.

The * character (multiplication) should not appear in results.