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Sagemath build stuck on compilation screen

I ran make -j5 ptestlong and the compilation has been stuck on this screen for over 1 hour:

[dochtml] [thematic_] dumping object inventory... done
[dochtml] [thematic_] build succeeded.
[dochtml] [thematic_] The HTML pages are in ../inst/share/doc/sage/html/en/thematic_tutorials.
[dochtml] Build finished. The built documents can be found in /home/user/sagemath/inst/share/doc/sage/html/en/thematic_tutorials
[dochtml] Elapsed time: 1729.2 seconds.
[dochtml] Done building the documentation!

Everything on the screen is static except for the blinking cursor at the end after the last line.

I know the process is still running because ps -ef | grep -i make shows that the process has been running for nearly 6 hours now.

  • Has the build frozen or is this what i should expect from running make -j5 ptestlong?