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sagews vs jupyter notebook, and choices of kernels

I'm making a few notebooks for educational use and I'm looking for guidance as to what I should be using: a sage worksheet running Jupyter, or a Jupyter notebook. For the most part, I want users to be able to run existing Python programs.

(I also want them to run some Haskell programs, and for this, the choice is clearer: I want the Jupyter notebook because I can set the mode to Haskell.)

I don't see anything here that offers comparisons, and so here are some of the issues on my mind.

I find the Jupyter notebook cell system more to my liking than a sagews. I believe that users would also, but I have no real experience with that.

I think there's more documentation here for the sagews (right?), but there's more out there on the Jupyter notebook.

I'd like some support for simple tables containing text and numbers; nothing fancier. Is there a difference there?

A final issue: is there any difference in terms of displaying html, either in the application itself or in separate windows?

And on a related point: what is the difference between a sagews set up to run a Jupyter kernel via

py3 = jupyter("python3")

and one via

a3 = jupyter("anaconda3")

Is this an orthogonal issue, or is it related to my overall question?