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Why --optional=sage,optional,external does not test internet,graphviz,latex,gurobi ?

When running tests with --optional=sage,optional,external

$ sage -t --show-skipped --optional=sage,optional,external src/sage/graphs/ src/sage/databases/ src/sage/numerical/mip.pyx src/sage/misc/

the tests with labels latex,gurobi, graphviz, internet are skipped even if latex,gurobi, graphviz, internet are installed on my machine:

Running doctests with ID 2018-05-06-10-12-34-1494f13d.
Using --optional=ccache,dot2tex,external,mpir,notedown,pandoc_attributes,python2,rst2ipynb,sage
External software to be detected: cplex,gurobi,internet,latex,macaulay2,magma,maple,mathematica,matlab,octave,scilab
Doctesting 4 files.
sage -t src/sage/graphs/
    4 graphviz tests not run
    [187 tests, 1.08 s]
sage -t src/sage/databases/
    150 internet tests not run
    5 webbrowser tests not run
    [118 tests, 2.28 s]
sage -t src/sage/numerical/mip.pyx
    8 cplex tests not run
    3 gurobi tests not run
    7 other tests skipped
    [616 tests, 3.69 s]
sage -t src/sage/misc/
    1 imagemagick test not run
    5 latex tests not run
    3 other tests skipped
    [315 tests, 3.00 s]
All tests passed!
Total time for all tests: 11.1 seconds
    cpu time: 7.5 seconds
    cumulative wall time: 10.1 seconds
External software detected for doctesting: gurobi,latex