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Rewriting number field related Magma code in Sage

I have the following Magma code, which I want to rewrite in Sage:

G := Sz(8); 
T := CharacterTable(G); 
M := GModule(T[2]:SparseCyclo := false);
N := AbsoluteModuleOverMinimalField(M);

Currently, I have something like this:

from sage.all import *

G = SuzukiGroup(8)
T = gap(G).CharacterTable()

Though, I do not know how to rewrite the rest in Sage. Sz in Magma is Suzuki group. The result of M here is GModule M of dimension 14 over Cyclotomic Field of order 52 and degree 24. Also, the result of T[2] in Magma is T[2] = ( 14, -2, 2*zeta(4)_4, -2*zeta(4)_4, -1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1 ). AbsoluteModuleOverMinimalField is defined here.