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SageMath 8.0, OS windows 10 (no VM), .ipnyb files location default

SageMath 8.0 under windows 10 if I did not first open a file under my folder C:\Users\mySurNameLogin\Documents\SMW when I back up my current notebook sagemath , the .ipnyb file is not under this directory.

By doing a search under windows 10 files of type .ipynb from c: I find that these files are under the folder C:\Users\mySurNameLogin. is there a variable to set, so that automatically, the backup of my sagemath notebooks files will be under C:\Users\mySurNameLogin\Documents\SMW ?

On the other hand, we can not overwrite a .ipynb file with a new version with the same name !. I have to add a new suffix for SageMath to allow me to save the new file version.