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Running Error in my program

In my research I need to find some property of non_commuting graph of a special linear group SL(3,q)

      sage: G=SL(3,4) 
      sage: G.order()
      sage: E=G.list()
      sage: A=matrix(G.order())
      sage: for i in range(G.order()):
                    for j in range(G.order()):
                         if E[i]*E[j]<>E[j]*E[i]:
      sage: graph=Graph(A
      sage: for j in range(G.order()):
                   if E[i].matrix()==Z[j]:
      sage: I=graph.independent_set()
      sage: len(I)
      sage: cv=graph.vertexvover()
      sage: len(cv)
      sage: graph.clique_number()
      sage: graph.chromatic_number`

but I have problem with large data size . How can write these program to avoid the problem .