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field extension not implemented

I'm trying to construct some field extenstions of GF(p), this is what I have

R1.<x> = F['x']
F1.<alpha1> = F.extension(x^p - x - 1)
R2.<x> = F1['x']
F2.<alpha2> = F1.extension(x^p - x - alpha1^(p-1))
R3.<x> = F2['x']
F3.<alpha3> = F2.extension(x^p - x - (alpha1*alpha2)^(p-1))
R4.<x> = F3['x']
F4.<alpha4> = F3.extension(x^p - x - (alpha1*alpha2*alpha3)^(p-1))

It creates F3 like it should but it doesn't create F4. I get a NotImplementedError... What did I do wrong?