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How can I stop sagemath program without quitting sage session?

Hello. First of all, I think it is good to describe how I use SageMath before asking the question.

I installed SageMath in my laptop using Ubuntu 16.04. It is installed in directory "~/sage". I usually run SageMath in terminal. That is, I follow the following steps to run SageMath.

  1. Open the terminal (It is the basic terminal from Ubuntu 16.04).
  2. Go to the directory where SageMath is installed by typing "cd sage".
  3. Type "./sage". Then, sage session begins.

In sage session, I usually load a sage file which I already wrote and run it to check the result. But sometimes, a program does not seem to finish, since computation takes a lot of time. Then, I would like to finish the program which I am running now, but without going out of sage session, since otherwise, I should follow 3 steps above again. However, I could not find how to do it, yet.

Can anybody teach me how to do it?