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get short name for QQ, RDF, AA etc

I wonder whether there is a way to get back the short name of the function of the various rings and fields like QQ, RDF, AA, RLF, RR, etc. as a string.

For example

sage: a=QQ
sage: str(a)
'Rational Field'

But I am looking for something like:

sage: function_I_want(a)

I guess I could predefine a dictionary like this:

shortnames={eval(name):name for name in ['QQ', 'RDF', 'AA', 'RLF', 'RR']}

and then have a function

def function_I_want(a):
    return shortnames[a]

But this seems a bit clumsy. Is there a better way to do this; or is there somewhere in the sage code such a dictionary already defined?

The reason I am thinking about this is the following tiny bug: