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Polynomial ring modulus integer to univariate polynomial ring over the Integers

I want to use the DiscreteGaussianDistributionPolynomialSampler library:

from sage.stats.distributions.discrete_gaussian_polynomial import DiscreteGaussianDistributionPolynomialSampler
sage: DiscreteGaussianDistributionPolynomialSampler(ZZ['x'], 8, 3.0)()
3*x^7 + 3*x^6 - 3*x^5 - x^4 - 5*x^2 + 3

DiscreteGaussianDistributionPolynomialSampler(P, n, sigma)
P - a univariate polynomial ring over the Integers
n - number of coefficients to be sampled
sigma -

However, it takes a univariate polynomial ring over the Integers but I want to use a quotient ring of integers modulus instead. Something like this:

Quotient polynomial ring of: (x^1024 + 1) modulus 13:

modulus = 13
R = PolynomialRing(GF(modulus), "X")
X = R.gen()
Y = R.quotient(X^1024 + 1, "x")
x = Y.gen()

Question: Is it possible? if it is not possible is there a way to manually mod the result with x^1024 +1 and then with 13 afterwards?

Any help would be appreciated.