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initializing value in @interact

I am a new Sage user in the process of determining what aspects of previously utilized calculus Maple labs can be converted to Sage. The @interact feature is really interesting. How do I set up an @interact code so that a default value is used for the first use of the program?

My code to create a secant line plot allows the use to enter one input value (x_0) and select a function from a list prior to sliding an h value to modify the image. When the program is first run, the x_0 value shows as *None and I get error messages until I enter a number in place of None. Then the code works fine. Since this potentially is for students, I'd like to minimize the error messages...

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I tried to copy and paste my code (and also a screen shot image) into this box, but I am unable to copy from the VM into this program. Did I say I was a new VM user, too? Sigh.