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How do I implement plantri in sagemath

I am using sagemath -7.3 and I have recently added the package "plantri-4.5" to my packages.

I want to generate all planar graphs that have connectivity (κ=3). I want to have an initial graph G0 with 4 vertices, which we know is the complete graph on 4 vertices (K_4).

Then, I want all planar graphs on 4 vertices that is 3−connected.

Then, I want all planar graphs on 5 vertices that is 3−connected.

Than, I want all planar graphs on 6 vertices that is 3−connected.

I would like to ensure that I am actually obtaining ALL graphs that have the above criteria.

My goal is to obtain up to n=15,all planar graphs of connectivity, κ=3. I mean of course vertex connectivity as well.

I have been looking at Plantri as a way to do this, as they claim to have this ability.

Though I am having issues actually using this program within the sage terminal (Linux: Ubuntu base with cinnamon 16.0).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use plantri in the sage environment?