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latex in plots

I want to display the formula for the graph of a function that sage has plotted without typing the expression manually, because sage has calculated it. For example the n-th Taylor polynomial expansion of a function:

f = sin(x)
g = f.taylor(x, 0, 13)
P = plot(f,(x,-10, 10), ymin =-4, ymax = 4, color="blue", axes=True, aspect_ratio=1, thickness=3)
Q = plot(g,(x,-10, 10), ymin =-4, ymax = 4, color="red", axes=True, aspect_ratio=1)
R = text(r"$%s \approx %s$" %(f,g),(0,yzoom[1]+1),rgbcolor=(1,0,0))
show(P + Q + R)

Everything works fine except for two things in the displayed formula:

  1. the * s are shown (which I can live with)
  2. The two digit exponents are not shown correctly which I assume it is because there are no curly brackets around them in the string g.

Are there better ways of doing this?

P.S. Are there ways of writing up the parts of the text in different colors, without defining two pieces of text and trying to figure out their relative positions?