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How to multiply symbolic constant with element in clifford algebra?

Dear all,

first I would like to state that I am only a beginner at using SageMath. Currently I am working on Clifford algebra's but unfortunately I'm experiencing a problem. I cannot find a solution in the documentation so I hope maybe someone here has an idea!

I would like to define a symbolic constant in the field of complex numbers, and multiply this with an element from the clifford algebra. Unfortunately, SageMath doesn't like this! This is the code that I'm using:


sage: Q = QuadraticForm(CC, 3, [0,0,1,1,0,0])

sage: Cl.<x,y,z> = CliffordAlgebra(Q)




the operation ex now gives me an error: ''TypeError: unsupported operand parent(s) for '': 'Symbolic Ring' and 'The Clifford algebra of the Quadratic form in 3 variables over Complex Field with 53 bits of precision with coefficients: ...''

Does anyone maybe have an idea how to work around this? Maybe I'm defing the symbolic constant all wrong?

Thank you very much! Kind regards,