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osx installation

I've tried installing the 6.10 and 7.1 binary distributions using the dmg files at the MIT repository on my macbook pro OS X 10.11.3. In all cases, I get the following errors, after which the application quits:

(before the version info box) "RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded during compilation"

(after the version info box) "ERROR: The Sage installation tree has moved

from /Users/buildslave-sage/slave/binary_pkg/build/source/SageMath/jc4b6yulaujayb9sr94ia88eourzeqip0oidma to /Applications/

This is not supported, and Sage will not work."

I've tried both the app version and full binary and tried unsuccessfully working with the "relocate-once" program in the package. Any recommendations would be welcome.

Thank you.