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How can I make my code continue despite exception?

I wrote a function that loops through a data array, performs some calculations and returns new arrays with the results. Unfortunately, some entries in the array contain zero values and cause a division by zero exception, which stops the code. Is there a way to generally ignore division by zero exceptions without wrapping every single line in a "try: except:" construct? Here is a very simplistic example:

var('a x y')
eq_y1 = y == a/x
eq_y2 = y == a*x
eq_y3 = y == a^x

def fun_loop(in_array):
    out_array1 = np.zeros_like(in_array)
    out_array2 = np.zeros_like(in_array)
    out_array3 = np.zeros_like(in_array)
    for i in srange(len(in_array)):
        in_list = in_array[i]
        for j in srange(len(in_list) - 1):
            vdict = {}
            vdict[a] = in_array[i][j]
            vdict[x] = in_array[i][j+1]
            out_array1[i,j] = eq_y1.rhs().subs(vdict)
            out_array2[i,j] = eq_y2.rhs().subs(vdict)
            out_array3[i,j] = eq_y3.rhs().subs(vdict)
    return [out_array1, out_array2, out_array3]
in_array = np.array([[3,2,1],[2,1,3],[-3,-1,-2]])

returns: [array([[1, 2, 0], [2, 0, 0], [3, 0, 0]]), array([[6, 2, 0], [2, 3, 0], [3, 2, 0]]), array([[9, 2, 0], [2, 1, 0], [0, 1, 0]])]


in_array = np.array([[3,2,1],[2,1,3],[-3,-1,-2]])

returns "ValueError: power::eval(): division by zero" and no results. I would like the function to still return the results for all the other cells, without wrapping each line of the code in a try-except construct. Is there a way to define a general rule how to deal with exeptions of a certain kind within a function like that? The reason is that I have many different equations in the real function and don't want to make the code three times longer.